Rob posted by Rob 07 Jun 2021  


Yeah but a commune is just about getting a group of people in a commune, a small group, and produce everything you need with no outside interference/taxation/laws from outside and reproduce that model in cells..

the idea we are sold as what communism is is not the original idea, Marx not only copied it, he messed it up twisted it and missed the most important bits and then the teachers teaching you it's all about sharing is a total misrepresentation of it again because if you read Marx's communist manifesto the whole thing is establishing capitalism as evil give the workers reason to hate the bosses to mobilise the workers as the revolutionary force to enforce the ideological takeover of humanity... Hence "middle class wankers" workers against the middlies old fashioned left wing attitude in real life... The new revolution is establishing white people as bad and inciting people of colour to be the revolutionary force, same game.

Very little in Marx's communist manifesto about people sharing things fairly

That's John Wycliffe's communism, the communism that is actually a good idea, that was knocked by this banking system stooge Karl plagerist Marx and twisted to the purposes of, actually, big capital, the exact opposite

Chinese proverb, the right means in the wrong hands produces the wrong results