Rob posted by Rob 02 Apr 2019  




1, turn the deserts green.

2. Pump sewage (shit) down the emptying oil wells instead of seawater putting as much complex organic carbon compounds under the ground as we've taken out and make humanities entire fossil fuel use 100% carbon neutral in one go.

3. Remind Donald Trump of the simple capitalist principle that WAR IS NOT PROFITABLE and that anyone telling him otherwise is a swamp thing who needs to be drained "YOU'RE FIRED" and that he is Commander in Chief of the U.S. Army. #vivaassad #syrianlivesmatter

4. Fake victims and pretend oppressed hurt real victims and the genuinely oppressed and we are murderously bored of coping with this lie, repeatedly, daily, psychotically unimpressed with it we are, let the liars know. If for example you were concerned about transgender rather than Guantanamo you are probably caught in this lie, this fake rebel, financier funded mainstream fraudulent revolutionism #lyinglikesmollet

5. Opposing racism and sexism involves opposing racism against white people and sexism against men which are currently, clearly, the most prevalent and obvious forms if these two evils.

6. The debate about whether government should look after the people, not settled, can be inverted to ask whether the revolutionary need be concerned about government or politics at all, that perhaps, in the first instance, the people are better off looking after themselves than being dependant on government, and in the second, the revolutionary may be able to save the world and create utopia while paying no attention to government at all while still giving unto Caesar what is due unto Caesar