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the rub on brexit

george galloway would be a sensible person to invite to this type of discussion.
making it a left right issue is a route to division.
galloway will give you a hard left very passionate pro brexit set of reasons for leaving europe that will perhaps persuade some of the soft left middle class guardianista army that have coopted the working class movement that brexit is not racist, which is obviously what they are terribly worried about god bless them

SOVEREIGNTY is what i would say it was about from a nationalist point of view.

even for those for whom the issue IS immigration, even amongst those people, to call them racist for that is the kind of shrill dog whistle boy who cried wolf false victim pretending to be oppressed racists being racist in the name of being against racism, the over rebel problem basically, in their own heads they are always fighting evil, best try explain it to them slowly...

SOVEREIGNTY is what it was about and Brexiteers would do well to stick to this in discussions with opponents rather than getting drawn on race or immigration because as soon as your opponent has done this they have immediately drawn you into their SPECIALIST SUBJECT which is a huge set of academia with several disciplines, degrees available in women's studies, social studies, social sciences, etc etc etc the professional american identity politics academic department has been thoroughly drilled into them and they will "call you out" on your racism and actually might end up making you racist which is best avoided and if you have gone that way recently, come back, life is better not racist, it is impractical, if you have gone that way recently be aware their has been an extraordinary set of news and an unvelievable freeing of opinion so recently we will have all seen stuff that shocked us, we will get through this, that americanism is rubbish, we shall laugh it off, we do not want their race war, "white privilege" which is one you shall hear, was a thesis written by peggy macintosh in 1989 for the feminist studies department, a privileged white woman, thus all this counter conversation virtue signalling etc etc etc theres a whole new set of language even to learn to keep up with it - ditch that, kill it, we don't need identity politics here - equality equality freedom tolerance intolerance of intolerance

my point of view, for what it's worth
NO SERIOUS ANARCHIST COULD VOTE TO STAY IN A EUROPEAN NEOLIBERAL SUPERSTATE - so all anarchists out there getting narky antifa against brexiteers on the basis that they are racist SHUT THE FUCK UP, BABY ANARCHIST, IF YOU CANT POLICE YOURSELVES YOU NEED POLICE



what's the similarity between an anarchist and a conservative?
(it's not a joke)

both would assent to the statement, "that government is best which governs less"

joke, my favourite game in anarchist groups and play "spot the leader", hahahahaha, it's always really obvious

the best left wing argument FOR BREXIT is the greek finance ministers ANTI BREXIT guardian debate

Yanis Varoufakis: why Britain must stay in Europe | Guardian Live

you know, i watched the whole thing really hoping to be brainwashed into being a Remainer because iw as a bit worried about being a racist because i quite liked the sound of brexit, i had also accidently found myself in a pro brexit position getting on a george galloway for mayor save london now campaign and then galloway came out for Brexit which drew criticism on us from the soft left and i didnt even know what brexit was or that there was even gonna be a vote cos i werent really keeping up with the news having killed my fakebook conspiracy feed so....

i watched this Yanis Varoufakis argument to stay, which is basically that Europe is soooo sick that he neeeds Britain to stay in Europe because Europe needs Britain for their to be any chance of reform of what is a chillingly hideous catrastrophe, and he goes into DETAIL

Any left wingers or Remainers ought to check it, this is a hardcore marxist by the way, hard left often end up saying the same thing as the hard right but for a completely different set of reasons, get another perspective

Yanis Varoufakis: why Britain must stay in Europe | Guardian Live

detail on the europe we left, serious detail, and analysis, from a uniquely experienced european rebel insider, hard left wing, the greek finance minister elected by rebel greece over their financial collapse


Henry the 8th was the first Brexit
no italian pope's gonna tell me who i can shag, hahahahaha
the european superstate was, at that time, Italian, if you remember

the germans did two brexits, when the Vandals and the Hooligans (two german tribes family names, 2 of hundreds btw) sacked Rome, that was a german brexit, a protest against european superstate control, at that time the superstate was roman

a big issue was that the current european superstate is GERMAN

we are far more racist against germans than muslims arabs black people jews hindus or the irish, hahaha

this was british racism against germany

what did it for me was the private eye 70th anniversary of the end of the second world war 1945 - 2015 headline "on this day 70 years ago we stopped europe being controlled by germany", cant remember what the picture was but it was ironic, obviously, it was a private eye cover (the most radical publication in the country imo, detail)

when the greeks went to germany for loan restructuring etc, to germany, not to brussels, not to "the EU", it's all gone wrong for them and they have to go cap in hand to GERMANY

that's when i became a brexiteer but i couldnt vote for racist reasons so i abstained, hahahaha, so i shouldnt say anything about it i didnt vote but...

r.e. the first question would BREXIT win again? you would have one more vote than last time because i was convinced after the fact that it was definitely the right choice, i was split in half at the time

Emily Thornberry is my MP, she has got to go, i'm gonna see if i can get Galloway to stand against her in 2020, she is riding Chris Smith's seat on a loyal Labour constituency but we aint remainers round here trust me, but i know i didnt vote, dunno, social pressure, but i would vote brexit next time

check the two names,
Chris Smith - old labour
Emily Thornberry - new labour

immediately what i thought when i heard her name, she should be a tory with a name like that but shes a labour cos labours in and she wants power and so shes labour talks the talk gets the safe seat but she aint labour, she isnt sorry, not to me, piers morgans more labour than her, she make morgan look good which is difficult, hahahahaha

hahahaha anyway goodnight and godblesss peace love and revolution god save the queen 1tribe1love syrian lives matter iraqi lives matter tell trump to shut guantanamo bay

if you spent more time discussing transgender toilets than guantanamo (talking to the remaining guardianista identity politics social sciences specialist now, hahahaha, stoned sorry) if you really seriously discussed transgender rights like that was a really serious issue and didnt really notice or mind that barack obama didnt cloase guantanamo bay, OK, how can i say this nicely? you are an idiot, you are the reason donald trump is in power, take your blinders off, try and look at things from a different point of view every now and then, i dont mean to be nasty but...


how can i put it? i think the transgender mistake expresses it less contentiously than discussing the idiocy of black lives matter rioting over the end of the first black president and then going quiet having elected white privilege, again the over rebel problem, i have sympathy i have the same problem but we got to see the stupidity of this politically, like the whole scenario is stupid now - ok i cant say anything about black lives matter im not black, im not transgender either but, here lies the rub...

"minority" does not MEAN "oppressed"

you think because transgender people are such a SMALL percentage of humans therefore they are REALLY REALLY REALLY a minority, therefore they MUST BE really really really oppressed, therefore you must self righteously stand up for them and push the "issue" in everybody's faces and really try hard to work on an oppressed victim lie lie ting, and OMG BRUV EVERYBODY HAS SEEN THROUGH IT, oh no... listen

there are only 50 people in guantanamo bay, why keep open an illegal detention centre for 50 people as a global affront and declaration of war on islam with the head chopping "we dont give a fuck either" head chopping reply from the ISIS side, why could obama just not close it like he said? first day? such an easy symbol

and what were you lot talking about? transgender toilets

resign all ye guardian journalists, abandon your trade, join the tories do the left wing a favour, let the workers have the labour party back, die new labour die

Corbyn for PM 2020, after Theresa's done all the hard work like winston churchil

just for the balance

i aint left wing but i dont think we wanna be swinging hard right

theresa's to the left of hilary clinton so it aint so bad here as its going elsewhere but the whole world is swinging hard right, dont let it take over your mind stay free

my dad killed a lot of Nazi's in the second world war, i dont want to have to kill anymore, so if any of you brits are thinking facism sounds like a good idea, think again

peace love and revolution
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Simon Anderson
Simon Anderson5 days ago
we gave 180mill to india last year who have a bigger army than us and a space program because its the right thing to do . FUCK OFF
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Simon Anderson
Simon Anderson1 day ago
Simon Anderson
Simon Anderson1 day ago
Exactly rohit the cash is been spent elsewhere like to the people who insist we give it
John Stevens
John Stevens5 days ago
Emily at it again, 'we have a skills gap in this country and therefore we need to fill the positions'. What have the labour party done to combat this over the years, nothing. Labour have sucked the teat of the multi nationals for years, lining their pockets whilst calling anyone who wanted sensible immigration as racist. Labour aren't the working class party anymore
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Remlat Zargonix
Remlat Zargonix4 days ago
John Stevens ...yeah, New Labour, create and then raise tuitions fees, that'll fill the skills shortages gap....fucking hypocrites!!...the UK needs a real left labour, like that in the days before the Blairites, not these fucking New Labour fucktards.
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MezMakesMusic1 day ago
Howard Downes you're a twat, that uses long sentences using very bad English to somehow show literacy and independent understanding of the situation when in reality you're a dumb fuck.

What the fuck does PC mean? It simply means you're polite enough to not call people names in a hurtful way. The quality of not being an arsehole! Surely it's good to be PC.

The number of uneducated dumb fucks, who like lemmings spout the exact same shit you have just done and then have the audacity to call it independent thinking is laughable. Covering your dumb ass abilities with bad English will not help you.
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Brennt Ramoutarius
Brennt Ramoutarius5 days ago
Never agree with piers on many things but he roasted his own liberals on trump ... very nice
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krileayn4 days ago
Indeed. It's another reason I hate liberals, they've forced me to agree with Piers :)
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Guy Sly
Guy Sly1 day ago
He's either coming to his senses or is just jockeying for position. The thing is that he's friends with Trump so he is more than likely has changed his views and is actually genuine.
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New Age
New Age4 days ago
what's wrong with having control over your own borders? free movement of people is insane
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Bowerick Wowbagger
Bowerick Wowbagger2 days ago
Yes! Keep out the brits!
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allways282 days ago
keep out the brits from where and why?