rob posted by rob 26 Jan 2017  


Brexit - THE RUB...

a big issue was that the current european superstate is GERMAN

we the british are far more racist against germans than muslims arabs black people jews hindus or the irish, hahaha

this was british racism against germany

don't mention the war, hahahaha

what did it for me was the private eye 70th anniversary of the end of the second world war 1945 - 2015 headline "on this day 70 years ago we stopped europe being controlled by germany", cant remember what the picture was but it was ironic, obviously, it was a private eye cover (the most radical publication in the country imo, detail) that told me europe now WAS controlled by germany and maybe that was always germany's destiny, seems to be, so glad we never joined the euro

when the greeks went to germany for loan restructuring etc, to germany, not to brussels, not to "the EU", it's all gone wrong for them and they have to go cap in hand to GERMANY, then it seems to me that the Euro is a GERMAN CURRENCY - they are in control of it, they are propping it up when there is a problem

that's when i became a brexiteer but i couldnt vote for racist reasons so i abstained, hahahaha, so i shouldnt say anything about it i didnt vote but...

fully realise germany may have ended up in that position accidentally, i am not a conspiracy theorist, its all accidents to me, i do believe in coincidence, i can't imagine anyone who doesn't even being able to understand what the word means enough to say they dont believe in coincidence, impossible statement

perhaps germany doesn't even KNOW it runs europe, i don't know, i told a german this theory the other day and it seemed like news to him, but aint that the way with conspiracy theories? spend months persuading yourself jews control the world, try talk to a jew about it and realise they dont really know what you are on about or why... standard...

r.e. the first question would BREXIT win again? you would have one more vote than last time because i was convinced after the fact that it was definitely the right choice, i was split in half at the time

Emily Thornberry is my MP, she has got to go, i'm gonna see if i can get Galloway to stand against her in 2020, she is riding Chris Smith's seat on a loyal Labour constituency but we aint remainers round here trust me, but i know i didnt vote, dunno, social pressure, but i would vote brexit next time

check the two names,
Chris Smith - old labour
Emily Thornberry - new labour

immediately what i thought when i heard her name, she should be a tory with a name like that but shes a labour cos labours in and she wants power and so shes labour talks the talk gets the safe seat but she aint labour, she isnt sorry, not to me, piers morgans more labour than her, she make morgan look good which is difficult, hahahahaha

hahahaha anyway goodnight and godblesss peace love and revolution god save the queen 1tribe1love syrian lives matter iraqi lives matter tell trump to shut guantanamo bay

if you spent more time discussing transgender toilets than guantanamo (talking to the remaining guardianista identity politics social sciences specialist now, hahahaha, stoned sorry) if you really seriously discussed transgender rights like that was a really serious issue and didnt really notice or mind that barack obama didnt cloase guantanamo bay, OK, how can i say this nicely? you are an idiot, you are the reason donald trump is in power, take your blinders off, try and look at things from a different point of view every now and then, i dont mean to be nasty but...


how can i put it? i think the transgender mistake expresses it less contentiously than discussing the idiocy of black lives matter rioting over the end of the first black president and then going quiet having elected white privilege, again the over rebel problem, i have sympathy i have the same problem but we got to see the stupidity of this politically, like the whole scenario is stupid now - ok i cant say anything about black lives matter im not black, im not transgender either but, here lies the rub...

"minority" does not MEAN "oppressed"

you think because transgender people are such a SMALL percentage of humans therefore they are REALLY REALLY REALLY a minority, therefore they MUST BE really really really oppressed, therefore you must self righteously stand up for them and push the "issue" in everybody's faces and really try hard to work on an oppressed victim lie lie ting, and OMG BRUV EVERYBODY HAS SEEN THROUGH IT, oh no... listen

there are only 50 people in guantanamo bay, why keep open an illegal detention centre for 50 people as a global affront and declaration of war on islam with the head chopping "we dont give a fuck either" head chopping reply from the ISIS side, why could obama just not close it like he said? first day? such an easy symbol

and what were you lot talking about? transgender toilets

resign all ye guardian journalists, abandon your trade, join the tories do the left wing a favour, let the workers have the labour party back, die new labour die

Corbyn for PM 2020, after Theresa's done all the hard work like winston churchil

just for the balance

i aint left wing but i dont think we wanna be swinging hard right

theresa's to the left of hilary clinton so it aint so bad here as its going elsewhere but the whole world is swinging hard right, dont let it take over your mind stay free

my dad killed a lot of Nazi's in the second world war, i dont want to have to kill anymore, so if any of you brits are thinking facism sounds like a good idea, think again

peace love and revolution