Rob posted by Rob 29 Nov 2016  


Still pissed off about donald fucking trump how that chump win that election stump?

dynomitekid100 black lives matter destroyed Bernie Sanders chance to be president. google "blm hijack sanders" look at the comments from the time. everyone says right there, he can't be president, if he step back from his mic like that when hijacked by stupid screaming hysterical nasty people that he feels like he has to back down to cos they're black, inverse racism. black lives matter made trump look presidential for the first time in the same week when they tried the same shit on trump. Get them out of here, says trump, read the comments, even people feeling the bern go Bernie can't be president trump looks presidential. Direct result of those two BLM actions, sanders looked like a fool, for the first time and trump looked presidential for the first time. BLM the antiwhite racists and idiot American identity politics destroyed the left wing. campaigning for transgender toilets while not caring about guantanomo left a lot of people hating blacks and gays, not for their race or sexuality but for their fucking stupid politics lack of concern for any other issue than their own and the destruction of the left wing and empowerment of fascists worldwide that is a direct result of this left wing stupidity self righteous moral fraud pseudo academic liars narrative construction and their egotistical narcissistic superiority complex whose delusion none is allowed to challenge otherwise, your a racist, your homophobic, eventually people gave up the offensive conversation and just went ok if you say so I'm a racist im a homphobe now shut the fuck up with your bullshit "narrative" fake victim crying wolf bullshit. the boy who cried wolf got eaten by a wolf. black lives matter put a white supremacist in the Whitehouse. America is a joke