Rob posted by Rob 28 Nov 2016  


Spiritual fraud

Dimensions are divided in terms of frequency she says utterly incorrectly. Talk to physicist. Everything she says is wrong. And what has this unbelievable narcissicist done to her eyebrows? Gal, just leave it natural and stop speaking about things you don't know. Focus on what I want she says? What 2012 shift btw? The only thing that happened was Iraqi soldiers opened fire on fallujah residents on December 21st creating the starting point for ISIS Donald trump and a rave war. What did all those people focusing on what they want achieve? Race war religious war and environmental catastrophe. The only good thing about it was it exposed all the spiritual frauds selling you narcissistic lies with carefully constructed eyebrows while declaring their spiritual superiority. Fool anyone still getting mugged by these egotistical attention seeking hustlers