rob posted by rob 23 Nov 2016  


MISTAKE 1 being spiritual pride

What's the worst vice? Advice. Mistake two on the spiritual path is to attempt to become a teacher too soon. The worst vice is advice. Says he, advisedly... I take back my advice about a grain of cynicism 100% innocence is the way (and a hell of a lot safer than 99% innocence) BUT!!! Do expect cynicism in others especially in London exercise subtlety in expressing your joy to the world for people in misery sometimes hate other people's happiness. Just thinking protectively on your behalf ignore at your will obviously, a liberty I taketh mademoiselle! But!!! Many a section three I have seen who felt to proclaim their newfound revolutionary soul awakening to the world, as one might expect if you think about it, who was then shot down in flames 50% of fire by "heard it all before"/morespiritualthanyou types and 50% of fire from closed minded conservatives who find all of this talk rather threatening to their carefully constructed reality who have no idea what you are on about and to whom you will seem mad... Indeed that's what happened to me and I have seen many since crying "if only you didn't try tell everybody u wouldn't have got sectioned" careful with it , some magic is best kept secret some magic is dangerous and SOME magic is best not touched at all just so a seeker in their seeking doesn't accidently seek too much... Bah humbug im waffling. Xxxxxxxxx