Rob posted by Rob 11 Nov 2016  


Hillary's war talk was what lost it for her i feel. Real shame for Obama to go out on a failed regime change policy, that's what she was stuck to, Bush's failed regime change policy was got Obama elected in the first place. Bush actually changed a couple of regimes to entirely negative effect. Obama failed to change regime in Syria and they are left in an extended civil war which really must be brought to peace for Syrians and because we don't want world war three. Syria wasn't Obama's fault and he wasn't an aggressor but Hillary seemed determined to take what was a fairly passive "fund the opposition" type of regime change policy forward aggressively and directly militarily opposing russia and the syrian goverment and had she been allowed to do so cold war two or world war three were seriously on the cards - the polls failed to predict trump's victory because you could be in fear of your life or a beating or at least being branded a racist in a lot of places if you let it be known you support trump, therefore a lot of people kept it secret until election day - bernie saunders lost it for me when black lives matter hijacked his stage, at that point a lot of people said he couldnt be president because of that, too weak, imagine him allowing that as president, no idea what those two women were thinking attacking a genuine civil rights campaigner from the time black people were actually victims with their self righteous antiwhite shite - black lives matter had a lot to do with it, naturally socialist france would never have voted for a right wing wanker like sarkozy were it not for the paris riots of 2005... when people are threatened with violence unless you support black lives matter, on a narrative like trayvon martin, who had broken the hispanic guys nose and was smashing his head into the concrete shouting "im going to kill you" when the gun went off and everyone riots and complains about racist white people and police when neither were anything to do with the incident and those supporting the riots say, support us or we will brand you a racist and you are under threat of social isolation exclusion cursing and physical violence, so if you think that's not a good reason to riot you had better shut up about it in public or on social media or a whole load of people will come and get you, speaking out can really fuck up your life so there was a lot of enforced silence on these issues, enforced by threats of physical violence and social exclusion - these kind of things were all "vote trump" stuff, black lives matter got him elected in my opinion - i dont like the guy wouldn't have voted for him if i was american - unless someone told me if you vote for him you're a cunt and i will fuck you up - then i would vote for him just because someone was trying to scare me into not vote for him and i oppose that type of bullying - by the way, all the people engaged in that type of bullying, you are one of the reasons we have trump now, just so you know - i will oppose him whenever i can whenever he makes a wrong move but not unless he does - also i am really hoping for peace in syria, if trump does that the rest of you anti trump lot can fuck off, he probably wont but at least he's not declaring war on russia like hilary seemed to be doing - - if he starts trying to build the wall this is the protest song, very prophetic, written long before trump's candidacy or the idea of a wall SYRIAN LIVES MATTER - IRAQI LIVES MATTER - LONG LIVE ASSAD - SHALOM INSHALLAH - PEACE LOVE AND REVOLUTION