Rob posted by Rob 24 Oct 2016  



So addicted to their victim narrative. So pathetic. Such a lie. So delusional. So insistent on it. Shut up. At least you haven't had your legs blown off by American munitions. Are you a victim? Bollocks. Do not tell me of your heartbreak you spoil young brat for you have never been heartbroken. I heard your lie too many times and heard your privilege in the words you left unspoken. Demanding sympathy while feeling no need to exercise empathy for anybody. Long. The race war is for you. The religious war is for you. Cold war two and world war three all your fault. Yes you particularly you wallowing in self pity. 100 species of life extinct everyday so you can sit in your fossil fuel powered environment and say the bullshit that you say. Fuck the fake victim narrative. Syrian Lives Matter. Tell the candidates "regime change" is a war crimes policy. Get fucking real people