gardenguru posted by gardenguru 19 Nov 2023  


In the ashes of society, we find our fate,
A world once thriving, now reduced to hate.
But amidst the ruin, hope still blooms,
For in the garden of despair, we find our boons.

We plant the seeds of change, so bold and free,
And watch them grow in this barren land, you see.
With every sprout that rises from the ground,
Our spirits lift, our hearts resound.

The carrots of compassion, sweet and round,
The lettuce of love, crisp and profound.
The tomatoes of tenacity, ripe and red,
All flourish here, where hatred once was fed.

In this apocalyptic earthly shrine,
We cultivate a new human design.
Where unity and care for all prevail,
And justice grows like a sturdy gale.

So let us tend to these plants with grace,
And nurture them in this desolate place.
For they will bring forth a brighter day,
When society's ashes fade away.