rob posted by rob 15 Nov 2023  


the plan

Break the bank, use USA reserve currency status to print money till the wheels fall off. The reason the economy looks like it is being driven like a stolen car is because that is what it is, you never scratch your own porsche no matter how rich you are, steal a porsche and you crash it for fun. Bud Light, The Marvels.

USA took world trade off Britain via 2nd world war after which all nations are in debt to the USA, after this war all nations will be in debt to....? To who...? Whoever that is will own the world at the end of the war, that is the plan

Dont give up, their plan is going totally wrong, world war 3 was supposed to start in 2016 with Clinton no fly zone over Syria and Ukraine as second front against Russia, Gaza gets obliterated in the middle of the destruction, we get Covid at the end of world war three in 2021 like we got spanish flu at the end of ww1 great reset happens in 2020 like we got federal reserve in 1918 and bretton woods in 1944

Their whole plan is going off wrong, trump stopped ww3 by accident, was ready to go in 2016, ukraine coup was 2014

This time we have to just get all the criminals in prison and, i think, quite simpky delete the foundation money, Gates, Clinton, Soros, Blair, just delete all that money, dont even bother redistribute it (steal it) just delete it

That money is what is doing it