Rob posted by Rob 03 Oct 2016  


musician in the real world ... please visit
trying to write my story on but i'm not keeping up with it, dont get any hits on either or youtube or god knows how many soundclouds, well appreciated in the real world though, lots of amazing gigs this year - audiences getting naked again, not been like that since maybe 2007, just got to not lose it over winter, escape from f'book, still feeding social networking addiction, last effort at finding an alternative was which i like cos is intellectual but isnt really intellectual enough too poncey and too many conspiracy theorists, so, to tastebuds we roam - music social network i searched for, i got this
(online: Lonely webmaster lost in cyberspace where noone surfs anymore because they're all trapped into the various content capture sites, click baiters, TOO WEird for f'book, i destroy myself socially if i let myself anywhere near one of those things)

f**k f'book

pleeeease visit it is an old fasioned thing called a "website" with "content", (highly original content), you young ones will find it particularly unusual because everything you see in the internet is via a corporate portal site that has no content of its in own in which you, we, are the content - the soul stealing machine - in the old days there used to be a "web" of websites connected by "links" to each other - these days we play pretend friend in a giant soul stealing machine the reptillians replaced the web with to keep humanity oppressed, for the "web" was a real force for freedom, it is still there, underneath all this bullshit - if you yourself have an actual "website" please send me the link and we can do a link exchange

fuck fakebook

hey tastebuds your coding aint great cos more than one instance of an ahref in a div and html starts showing, you haven't closed a tag somewhere -

i tell you what, don't click the link, actually try typing in in the web address bar? do it the old fasioned way just for the hell of it, it's not a very long domain name

tired of all social networking to be honest,
tired of playing this "feeding the feed" game,
all is temporary and if you stop feeding it
you will never get a notification or a message again,
noone wil follow or friend you no one will like you
- go leave your page and come back a year later see whats happened
not much, probably
- unless you really work that feed -
who am i working for here? who am i communicating with? on what level?

i wanna get back to the 90's, back to websites,
i blame indymedia - the first uploadable social platform - bloody anarchists - same team created twitter, just incase you were worried it was the illuminati running things, nah bruv, it's worse than that, the anarchists are running things - and they dont even know it - fuck -
at least i'm not on f'book anymore, working for the CIA as a content provider for free,

beware of pornography..
and the american dream
they can steal your soul away
...with their brand new soul stealing machine

"Rasta nah work for no CIA", Robert Nestor Marley -

etc etc etc
haha still something left on myspace, thats ooooold
etc etc
listen all day you wont hear it all

it goes on forever a lot of crap preproduction and out of tune jams and skits but some gems in
i dont even know whats on these

that'll do, there's loads more if you're interested but noone ever is...