Rob posted by Rob 09 Aug 2023  



Britain's worst two exports, land enclosure and the two party system, railways were good but... Democracy was not a party thing in the pre british days, roman democracy greek democracy african democracy never ran this two party system rubbish even america is fed up of it even britain is fed up of it, this system called democracy is NOT THE ONLY VERSION OF DEMOCRACY

Democracy can be done completely differently

But some say a benevolent king is the best form of government

Democracy as an unhappy compromise where half the country is always unhappy is a bad idea, sort of works in grumbly old polite passionless rainy britain but half the country unhappy in a more passionate country is a recipe for violence

In America it causes violence regularly, the only reason it doesnt here in england is because we are quiet and dont talk about it but i think we are all expecting it to go wrong here too

Both our parties, Labour and Conservative, have captured leadership, Rishi Sunak and Sir Kier Starmer are both puppets installed by external powers, Britain is as under control by big capital as much as any "colonial" state, africa seems MORE independent of government to me than "the west" including britain, which seems entirely captured, including america and canada and europe

Only eight african governments voted against the WHO pandemic treaty, every western government voted for it, against their people

The only non corrupt governments left in the world are in africa after years of being told the opposite

Wishing all of Africa well from here in London, barely understanding what is going on in the world but the west is lost

"The West" is not under control of the people of The West i want you to know this

Our governments all feel captured right about now

And its not just the west, see Imran Khan being removed in Pakistan, there is a force stitching up governments all over the world right now

They stitched up the USA at the past election, that was a fix, even if you hate Trump, that was a fix, and this war wouldn't be on without that fix

Someone is organising world war three deliberately