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American identity politics is far right

Identity politics is far right. The Guardian analysed Hillary Clinton policy positions next to Theresa May. Clinton was to the right of May on every policy position.

Therefore, if you are ideologically on the American Democrat Party "left" (which is likely if you are young because that is the entire media) you are far right in Britain. You are further to the right than the British Conservative Party. Those are the policies you support, Clinton policies, to the right of Theresa May.

Remember, Republican in Britain is far left, red flag, want to kill the king for Democracy

Their "left" does not translate to Britain.

"Indigenous" used by a brit left who does not realise British indigenous are indigenous to Britain, where "indigenous" to them basically means "savage" are all having the racist "noble savage" conversation from the 19th century whilst congratulating themselves on being progressive

Bigotry, which British Revolution tolerance laws were invented to oppose, means intolerance of different opinion

You can still find this definition in online dictionaries look, but if it's not a dictionary the first thing you will find is the Newspeak 1984 inverse meaning

To the fake left fascist democrat party far right, "bigot" means having problematic opinions on race or gender

So, opposing bigotry to them, means shutting down anyone with a different opinion

Their definition of anti bigotry is our definition of bigotry

You have to be aware the language really doesn't work

It can be forced to make sense in America but, for another example, how are you going to make the French language gender neutral

These obvious contradictions show the language has been made to lie

The American corporate democrat party fake left coca cola anticapitalists are actually far right fascists

We still have gems like George Galloway, remember Tony Benn, there is a real British left that must be saved

Sir Kier Starmer is a Nazi
Sunak is a financial fascist
Both parties have been captured, all institutions, army, border force, education, media, legislature, judiciary

Class she mentions class well, the prophet Marx was wrong that the proletariat was the ever expanding majority that would be the revolutionary class,the proletariat did a repetitive job on the machine which was quite clearly only a job that hasn't been automated yet, Marx was an idiot, right wing fake left bankster cultural appropriator of working class politics to use against the working class

To Make sense of Marx you either have to protest for the rights of robots in chinese workerless factories

Or produce a load of philosophical academic fraud to produce!??

Ta da!!!! The revolutionary class is blacks faggots and women against the evil white cracker man slavemaster gammon patriarch booooo hisssss

Marx the fake left and beorgoise Engels the idiots wanted to genocide the Slavs after the revolution

Beware the fake left
Biden is further right than Trump
Trump cares more about the working class than Marx Engels or Sir Kier Starmer, blatantly

The old British left is represented by, Tony Benn (obi wan Konobi) Jeremy Corbyn (luke Skywalker, excluded from the Labour party 2020 plandemic) George Galloway (Han Solo, excluded from the Labour party 2003 Iraq warcrimes)