Rob posted by Rob 13 Jul 2023  


Someone with some George Soros detail

Soros gave me £2k in 2005 via the uk 911 truth movement for The Blair Ditch Project, an attempt to get rid of Tony Blair in his own constituency. Could've done without the money, the price was getting his conspiracy theorists attached to us which we really didnt need as a peace movement with plenty of better arguments for the man in the street.

He funds the left and ruins it with the funding. The reason the left is now ruined.

Like this man above i was reasonably positive about him, considered him well meaning

My annoyance with him was the same as with the rest of left (except very few useful thoughtful ones) whose well meaningness was messing up the movement

He just messes it up more because he has more power and money but the manner he messes up, to me, was always as an amateur in politics who is not on the ground who is more concerned with their own feelings of righteousness than outcomes, but you know, this kind of self righteous egotistical moral fraud is all over the left the left is very prone to it im sure ive been accused of it probably been it

Paving the road to hell with good intentions, but you know, this guy brings a team of paid roadbuilders and lays the road with gold bricks and its supposed to be the road to anticapitalism

I am now of the opinion that no road to anticapitalism built by capitalists will lead to anywhere but hell, it definitely wont lead to anticapitalism

But Soros funded the uk peace movement to get rid of Tony Blair when the British establishment clearly wanted Tony Blair reelected otherwise it would be a disaster for the Iraq war policy

....which is somewhat contrary to the thesis this American rebel is putting forward, which, like patriot rebel Alex Jones, is a general theory that its the fault of the British and i think its the general American rebel theory of the world, its all Britain's fault...

That may or may not be true but what George Soros paid me for was against the agenda of the British establishment