Rob posted by Rob 20 Jun 2023  


Reclaim the media

Media. We need to regain control of the media. These are the traitors. The newspaper editors, the TV news. Ukraine war world war three and pharmaceutical dictatorship all organised by media pushing politicians with lies, as well as the white genocide plan, the Slav genocide plan and the African and Chinese genocide plans as well as the controlled demolition of western economies for the theives who intend to own everything, kill as much as possible and enslave what's left

Reclaim the media
Only solution

Voting or fighting is all encouraged and will only perpetuate and increase problem

Media must become honest

We need to find people who know people who know people in the media and make this abundantly clear person to person, if you keep lying the consequences will be the death of humanity, literally nuclear war looming as a result of media liars pushing bankster agenda narratives

Or we tear down the media

The media needs tearing down even more than the government

With an honest media we get an honest government by default

The media is the villain

Everyone has to be told the mainstream media lies to rob steal and kill all the time

We have to establish "everybody knows that"

People who think the news is informing them are unwitting tools of their own, and our, destruction