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Oxford - even more boring now than it was then

in 1993 i remember walking across the park with chris hooley with his bow tie waistcoat and cane, 18 yo, hahaha, top button always done up, even in summer, immaculate - singing 2 part harmony 1920s jazz accapella on the way to lectures - shame they left it till lockdown to record one of these - he ended up Balliol JCR president

there were only 5 phys phil in the whole year - the 5 of us would all sit together in the physics hall of 500 or more, we were soooo the odd ones out, all the physics bods were soooo normal, these guys seem too normal for me -

- back then there were only five universities in the country that did the course, or maybe three, oxford cambridge edinburgh

Wee Kim Chua was a top first phys phil and soooo hot, me and her, omg, beatiful singapore 5'2", purple flares... spent a lot of time at st Hildas with her, the daughter of waterstone of waterstones books, amanda waterstone was around, and hot, but i only had eyes for kim, what a brain, ended up running channel 4 - chris ended up in many particle systems, slightly too many for quantum slightly too few for classical - Lady Margaret Hall will always be a place i remember escaping from

Chelsea Clinton was at Oxford at the time and Yuval Noah Harari was at Merton studying history

i invaded Merton with a live techno jungle reggae garage rave someone who was asked to book a cheesy listening night went rebel and booked me hahahahaha, hope i got yuval - the drummer from that band ended up in Billy Mahonie

shows how rubbish the world economic forum is; the guy doing their philosophy for the fourth industrial revolution is a flipping history degree from merton, pleeeease - yuval has no idea about anything and noone in that organisation knows anything about invention science anything - they CANNOT be the leaders of the industrial revolution, or they shall lead us into destruction

history at merton? do me a favour

that's like richard dawkins saying he knows about science cos he got a flipping zoology degree


ever seen him talk to a physicist? watch the change in demeanor - everyone else he patronises as teacher, i am science, i am telling you the science, when someone talks physics, dawkins goes blank open mouthed and stares like a kid at an impossibly more advanced adult he will never be able to understand

poor lockdown generation

we had a wild time

quantised inertia is the future
there is no such thing as dark matter or dark energy
mike muculloch solved the galactic rotation problem and the accelarated expansion of the universe problem with QI

quantised inertia and the uhuru field

superstrings is a dead end - wooton is a fraud
minkowski adds nothing, waste of time, ignore - another fraud selling his own intelligence rather than adding anything to physics

particle physics is a mess, start in 1959 and you will have a better understanding than 2023 knowledge

consciousness is a necessary condition for the existence of the universe

derive from:
the collapse of the wavefunction of the universe requiring an observer
the philosophy of time; there is no such thing as time without a conscious observer, a minute is a thousand years is eternity is nothing no meaningful distinction can be drawn between them

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consciousness is a necessary condition for the existence of the universe