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physics and philosophy

i did this course in 1993 - 1998, ended up in mental hospital 1995 and 1997, 5 years on a three year course, i was the last person getting a grant in the country i think, because of delays, everyone else was on loans and fees by the time i was out. Have the secret of the Universe right here. Don't worry, not telling anybody. I could put together a much better course. Imagine leaving out electromagnetism, doing spacetime in philsophy of physics before doing general relativity, dumb organisation. Dr. O'Brien was good, LMH, invented the first nanoparticle. I remember Harvey R Brown asking why space should be homogenous isotropic etc, i said because otherwise physics wouldn't be possible, he went, so thats where isotropy fits into it! i thought, surely you are not just working that out now? i remember playing Edward Harcourt, philosophy, at pool - he missed a shot and he said according to Hume i am not a bad pool player because causation only involves contiguity and succession, i said, Hume obviously never played a lot of pool, Harcourt said, no actually he was more of a backgammon man, i said, thats probably why his theory of causality is so bad, Edward Harcourt said, hmmmmm, there might be a thesis in that

i inspired them more than they inspired me and they locked me up

dont go - book me