rob posted by rob 01 Jun 2023  


Yugoslavian war II

NATO trying to start the war same way it did last time with a bag of evil lies from a bunch of evil liars supporting CIA funded imported albanian terrorists who think they are working for the Islamic imperialist conquest of Europe but are actually working for enslavement of the planet by the banks and big capital. Idiots. So easily used.

Milosovic was released on appeal in 2003, he was not a war criminal according to the hague making a mockery of the Hague and the entire lying western narrative.

Bankster wars only supported by the most evil imperialists or most stupid brainwashed mainstream media believers of the lies of big capital.

The Bosnian jihad destroyed Yugoslavia and if they were strong enough the evil coke dealer funded albanians would start ethnically cleansing serbs again but they're too cowardly to start because NATO is being defeated by Russia in Ukraine so they haven't got their bully boy bankster racist fascist imperialist backup so they are being exposed as the snivelling evil lying little crybully cowards that they are. What a disgusting bunch of cretins they are who support this war...

Big man Vucic, loads of respect for him, listen to him and their will be peace, oppose him if you want war...

but you will lose this time, badly, like ukraine, if you do keep deliberately trying to start war

some people are suicidal though, some people will stick to their lie till they get what they deserve...