rob posted by rob 19 May 2023  


Russia defeating the entire west

Also Ukranians firing off million dollar rockets like they are free and the West will provide as much as necessary, firing patterns are those of spoilt children with rich parents, same psychology fakes a grinning selfy by the kirch bridge terrorist attack with smiley face emojis shoots off 32 patriots at one target and misses shoots a Chinese 35 dollar weather balloon out of the sky with million dollar air launched hellfire missiles missing the balloon the first two times, shooting mopeds out of the sky with Lamborghinis, cheap Iranian drones shot with himars. The leaders producers and creators of this war, the money printers, encourage this military idiocy because they say we have printed effectively infinite free money and we actually want you, our fight and die minions, to spend as much as possible because everything you spend becomes a debt your countries have to pay back to us banksters at a later date and it's the only way to make this we have created real, by getting your countries to take it out as loans.... so, the more weapons you buy for Ukraine for the Russians to destroy the better the war is going. Like the bankster who poisons the last river and kills the last Tree suddenly realises he cant eat money this batch of idiots are suddenly realising you can't load artillery pieces with digital dollars and you have no actual real world production because your fake money has created a fake economy run by idiots who couldn't produce an artillery shell if you gave them the steel