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global warming conversation

I do believe in anthropogenic climate change, i did years with the eco warriors unwittingly working for the fascist UN anti democratic financier global slavery plan, but i think they are using a genuine problem as an excuse to claim power as a reason for global government

I understand entirely why a sensible person wouldnt believe it and i am fully aware of the IPCC fixing results, how to lie with statistics, graph axes etc, blatantly fiddled results

Also i dont think it is the top environmental problem, i would put the death of the oceans far higher, next soil degradation, i mean the list is long...

But... i used to do presentations on this, dunno if you know Phoenix? Worked with him for years mr eco warrior with the twisted fire starter haircut run a lot of very good raves and squats... i did the resistance exhibition with him in 2017 "25 years of resistance" all the festivals, glastonbury, green gathering, shindig loads of little ones london exhibitions drum and bass raves, till i fell out with him, now think he is an unwitting UN agent but its a long, long, very long story

In any potential revolution, change, transition, whatever you wanna call it, all coopted words ...but you know, a real one, i feel we want to, shouod and can takr the anarchists and eco warriors with us, and "the left" its just that certain things need explaining to them with regards to them being eco warriors FOR the climate criminals with regards to being anarchists FOR the world government super duper state with regards to being "the left" FOR big capitalist domination and destruction of democracy and workers rights with regards to their compassion and passion being captured and turned precisely AGAINST their objectives and precisely FOR what they think they are fighting against

Two points on climate change i know, how the asymettry in the CO2 molecule, the way the 2 oxygen molecules are unsymetrically arranged around the Carbon molecule they can be made to go twang, errr better way tto put it, they resonate to infrared, they absorb heat

Ive done the quantum mechanics on the molecule i studied physics and philosophy at oxford i am quite convinced of the underlying physics reasons as to why CO2 causes warming

Then the pre quantum 19th century british empiricist, very very simple exeriment discovered long before above waffle explanation is as follows; take two identical bottles with two thermometers in fill one with air (just close lid) fill other with CO2 (burn a splint under it) leave them out in the sun and watch the temperature rise faster on the CO2 bottle

Now 200 ppm to 450 ppm scare story statistical lie, ppm is like cases per 100,000 in covid, we mean 0.02% to 0.04% which doesnt sound like nearly so much carbon

Big point is that plants die at 180ppm so if humans hadnt come along and started burning fossil carbon when they did that might have been the end of all life on earth, dont see any other way they couldve been avoided actually

But with regards to talking to eco warriors my main point now is Greta Thunderbergs "shame on you speech", she said that, not to you, or us, as we had it shoved in our face as if thats what it was... the actual audience she was talking to was the UN, she told them they had done nothing about climate change and they all agreed

Well, having just come off the 2017, 25 years of resistance exhibition, thats 25 years since the 1992 rio earth summit when Severn Suzuki, Greta Thunderberg the first, gave THE EXACT SAME SPEECH to the UN that means the UN took 26 years of money off the world to fight climate change since 1992 and ADMITTED in 2018, to greta, that THEY HAD DONE NOTHING ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE, they all agreed

And at that moment they admitted to a massive fraud, they took all that money, paid themselves all those wages, had all those plush premises and expenses paid flights, the world bank climate change department, ALL international bodies took all that money amd DID NOTHING ABOUT CLIMATE CHANGE

FOR 26 YEARS!!!!! massive fraud, admitted publicly