Rob posted by Rob 11 Apr 2023  


Learning to speak American

Hi! I'm from London and I'm trying to learn to speak American, so, "narrative" means "lie", "woke" means "brainwashed", "bad" means "good" like Michael Jackson. Am I getting it? I hear you drive on the wrong side of the road as well and "Republican" means "conservative", hahaha, in England "republican" means a revolutionary who wants to chop the king's head off, that's why they have red flags. And your "left wing" has a blue flag and are imperialist warmongers. Very strange country.

The Democrats are opposed to democracy and The Republicans are fighting for their King!

Very strange.

Not as strange as Britain though.

Our Unelected Hindu Prime Minister has more money the King and plans to turn The New Forest into a Free Port as an echo of William the conqueror, one of our French invaders, 1066, who made The New Forest as his personal Stag hunting ground a thousand years ago

Last time we were invaded.

Watch out, if history keeps repeating itself we're going to invade you again.

In about 700 years.

Till then Britons are slaves

Make America Great Britain Again

Peace love and revolution
Reclaim Common Law