rob posted by rob 03 Apr 2023  


blackrock wants to get rid of old people

and save us from climate change, despite blackrock being the cause for climate change they want you to pay for it and ultimately kill you to make nice climate for their children

they stole your pensions long ago so, you gotta die before 65 innit

next video, blackrock boss larry fink reckons ukraine is worth about a trillion to him. The value of human life is very high, 250,000 dead ukranians to make 800,000,000 dollars - - so... zelenksy is making $3,200 dollars per dead ukrainian, no wonder he is killing them so fast!

next one sinister money monopoly, controlled opposition propaganda piece pretending to be conspiracy theorist with spooky music - see blackrock lying about the causes of inflation - the cause of inflation is the money printing these crooks ran over the plandemic - but larry fink lies and pins it on what he wants you to think is the problem, climate supply chain etc

these are all pro black rock admiration pieces, the last one, fink history, shows how larry fink invented mortgage backed securities and then took over companies who were fucked up by his very own dodgy assets. conflict of interest. sinister villains. obscene amounts of other people's money