Rob posted by Rob 12 Mar 2023  


LGBT fascists supporting WW3

The LGBT movement is anti peace movement controlled opposition. 8 years of Obama, Guantanamo bay is still open but at least we have transgender toilets. Transgender toilets = Guantanamo bay. The pretend oppressed are the oppressors. Protesting for the rights of a cross dressing Los Angeles cabaret performer who is probably the least oppressed person in the whole world and ignore people held for twenty years without charge or representation in a US Nazi concentration camp that is a war crime against international law and Geneva conventions making America a war criminal country. LGBT always was fake left corporate Nazis, they even culturally appropriated the rainbow flag from the peace movement 1961 rainbow 🌈 flag means peace 1979 Los Angeles government official makes it mean gay pride and even the emoticon rainbow is 6 colour fake rainbow 🌈🌈🌈=666 fake left corporate fascists. Weimar Germany was prepared for fascism with exact same fake liberalism for anyone who thinks this crap is new or progressive, no, it's 1930s Germany where code for gay in France was "do you speak German?" They became the Nazis as they are now, big gay Jewish Nazis, again.

Why? Because they want more financial control. WW1 federal reserve WW2 bretton woods American financial debt based imperialism.

Plan. Just before the end of this WW3 being organised by the gay far right they will give us CBDC mark of the beast and then not only own everything but everyone

Stop being a fascist. Drop the LGBT movement like the hot bag of toxic shite and lies that it is and come join the good guys in the real left wing working on the peace movement