rob posted by rob 01 Mar 2023  


I am the man going no no no and the girls really don't take no for an answer, had to tell the last one I was a racist to get rid of her, horrible little rapist. She was a racist sexist too like all the young ones these days, and of course she thinks she's an anti racist anti sexist, obviously. Far right Ukranian nazi supporter thinks she's left wing, obviously, totally bigoted completely opposed to any alternative thought thinks she's opposed to bigotry. I don't blame her, absolutely standard modern female programming her thoughts are not her own. This last one is fighting the patriarchy by being Muslim, the one before that who was even hotter still is fighting the patriarchy by pretending to be a man. The Muslim lapsed Catholic girl's sexual fantasies include pegging a man with a strap on, and what do you do with a girl who likes you who wants you to call her he? No thanks sweetheart bye bye, I'm a man, I don't need sex.

The delusional misandrist sexist stereotype world the young girls are programmed into I mean

I feel sorry for the young lads I'm 50 had an accidental child or two no needs no worries

But I worry for the young lads

Identity politics has fucked the sexual arena, the great romantic disaster is so offensive to me

I find the reptillian anti love campaign actually even more worrying than vaccine depopulation deliberately starting thermonuclear mutually assured destruction destroying the food supply global domination plan intent on infinite future tyranny and murder

None of that bothers me as much as the way they are fucking with romance

That makes me want to get my bow and arrow out and start organising some drone swarms and cyber attacks targeted assassinations TV station takeovers etc


For the future of good sex

Lovers of the world unite!

Solidarity with all male sex strikers against the Matriarchy!

It is the Matriarchy ruling the West currently attacking Russia

Americas problems stem from trying to install a British protestant feminist virgin queen green and pleasant land English Matriarchy on an essentially Macho country, America