rob posted by rob 14 Feb 2023  


Climate fraud

Wow. This looks like evil propaganda from the climate criminals at the UN. Greta told you you did nothing and you agreed to your crime you took billions off the world since the Rio earth summit in 1992 when Severn Suzuki was the child the old man oil barons used as a front for their climate criminal money and power stealing scam.

They admitted it when Greta said they had done nothing, shame on you, she said it to the United Nations, they clapped, they agreed they did nothing about climate change while taking 26 years of money in wages and funding on the lie that they were going to do something about climate change.

This is a massive fraud. They robbed the whole world.

So they took your money, for 26 years from 1992 to 2018 when Greta started advertising the agenda 2030 next round of theft by the worst polluters.

Theives and liars. The producers of this video are global traitors and the punishment should be capital. Take everything from them. Disband the UN put all WEF stakeholders in prison, reclaim the wages stolen by all World Bank climate change department employees who stole money for decades and then admitted they "did nothing about climate change"

That is fraud
That is criminal
This video is a fraud
This video is criminal