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Galloway the original rebel mp

Woman gets bank account shutdown for questionable activity. Paying 80p for NO TO NATO NO TO WAR public event friends meeting house London 25th February 2023 calls in to this George Galloway talk show Absolutely amazing Galloway show had me in tears yeah it's still available this one really had many loud belly laughs and actually had me in floods of tears

Galloway in full republican mode absolutely decimating Prince Harry but loads more in it than that

Weirdest bit was caller who couldn't get ticket for 25th Feb protest event had her card suspended for suspicious activity paying 80p for ticket to George Galloway loki event friends meeting house anti NATO event

They put a price on it cos loads of .de German spies booking free tickets to screw the event

And the woman who calls in tried to buy a ticket and the bank not only blocked it but suspended her card for political activity they don't like

An 80p purchase

That's where we are going

Bankster tyranny

Not even the government

A public event on eventbrite publicly advertised that was free but Galloway's team noticed fake sign ups with .de German email addresses idiot German NATO intelligence announcing themselves... so they put a small charge on it to deter bot sign ups

But he said, if you are from Germany and actually want to come call in the show... and a British woman called up and told the above story

It's a fiver now

Make it big stop the war stop the lies no to WW3 come on people this is insane

Very informative and moving show Galloway is still the Don