rob posted by rob 16 Nov 2022  


"I think we have to go where the data is", that is called British Empiricism, cornerstone of the Scientific Method and what has been building the modern world over the last 400 years. Locke, Newton, Hooke. Dont forget it. If an Atheist Scientific Socialist Technocracy is humanity's destiny, the first sin shall evolve to be: Thou shalt not fiddle statistics. Fauci, prison, all regulatory bodies, prison, all censors, prison, Sir Vallance, prison, Whitty, prison, the MHRA, prison, the CDC, prison, Albert Bourla, prison, all media liars, prison. On the Ukraine issue, how do we stop the war? Stop the liars lying, prison, all media editors lying, prison, all money men funding those lies, prison. THOU SHALT NOT FIDDLE STATISTICS. Once you do, there is no such thing as "science" and your "technocracy" is just a fascist tyranny run by liars.