rob posted by rob 11 Nov 2022  


the narrative (narrative means

Oh wow i have found the reptillian liars trying to start ww3, none must be allowed to survive or profiteer from the war they are starting, investigate their financial gains since march immediately. All funds associated with them must be removed and all business associates investigated, particularly for pandemic profiteering. They have killed millions. The only way to stop the war is to stop the liars thinking they can get away with their lie. Their disgusting self complimentary cokehead ego stoking is disgusting. They sound like marx and engels telling each other they are geniuses while plotting the genocide of the slavs. Ok, lets listen, who is this cilcissione fraud who wanna try cuss out my gal eh? Lets see the dibi try lie....

Nuclear threat the opener, prison is too good for this fraud

In the good old days he would've been tarred and feathered and run out of town on a rail

You aint planning on fighting are you?

You are planning on getting the slavs to kill each other again, like Stalin, aren't you?

How are you going to tell me this is not what you are doing here you murderous evil vampires?

Chicken hawk

How is that not you?

Are you going to tell me you are "defending" Ukraine?

Have you watched the videos of those terrifed men giving their last words as you march them towards russian artillery?

Oh that wasnt me, that was.... putin? Zelensky?

Liar liar set your pants on fire

Very stupid to show your face like this

Like marx and engels

Idiots who assume the money will promote you and protect you

The fake printed money

The stolen money

The swollen bodies of the poor you consume

Your beorgoise court is courting disaster


Change FAST

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