rob posted by rob 31 Oct 2022  



George Webb told us this in march 2020 and was immediately banned, facebook confirmed it when fauci emails came out in early 2021 with ralph baric explaining exactly how they made the bioweapon to his boss, fauci, who funded it, facebook confirmed it because anyone saying bioweapon was banned before the fauci emails and after the fauci emails came out facebook suddenly said, ok, you are allowed to say its a bioweapon, because it was undeniable at that point, also showing facebook knew it was a bioweapon and was deliberately censoring the truth knowingly. Dr. Richard Fleming goes through the full genome on it and dr david martin has the entire patent trail funding trail and research trail, the HIV insert in the spike protein is patented by the US military, bioweapon, massive conspiracy to cover that up while they sold their poison jabs to kill as many people as possible while robbing their governments, whole thing was for the 3.5 trillion money print they did right at the beginning of the lockdown and to fix the us election. Having printed the vast amounts of money the villains now need world war three to indebt all the worlds nations with this fake money, and then they own all our children forever, amd they plan on killing them. They also killed as many pensioners as possiboe because they already stole their pension money ages ago and pension liabilities threatened to crash the banksters system, easier to kill them all.