rob posted by rob 18 Sep 2022  


The Queen and The Soldier - Suzanne Vega

The best song, in the Universe, ever. Rub Review. A story song, the original type of song, the song that doesn't get written any more with all these verse chorus pop meaningless nothings we have been subjected to by corporate music. 3/4 the ultimate songwriting time signature noone uses anymore.

Note to aspiring songwriters; write a story song in 3/4.

Now, to make it an authentic review i have to say something snarky:

It's clearly Elizabeth the first the Queen she is talking about. No matter how hard americans try they cannot see, "the world before columbus". The world begins with America.

Redo the album and make up some tales from the Peasant's Revolt of 1381.

Talking of snarky, i heard she got hate mail from women who recognised themselves in The Queen and took this song personally, to all of them i have to say, you are the war.

Who the cap fit let them wear it.