rob posted by rob 27 Jul 2022  


communism is a good idea, Marxism isn't

Karl Marx is not left wing, he's a bankster funded genocidal racist anti Slav controlled opposition, bankster stooge, Yuval Noah Hari modern equivalent, psuedo intellectual fake left scientific socialist cover for capitalist global fascism with the corporations having the upper hand over the state in the current case, Engels is running Marx same way Klaus is running Yuval, mainly because "Engelsism" sounds rubbish but that's what Marxism anyone thinks they know actually is, Engels revolution against his dad, scientific socialist ideas culturally appropriated from the Germans, Communism culturally appropriated from the British John Wycliffe 1381 peasants revolt Revolutionary philosophy, as part of a general ongoing attempt to culturally appropriate the fruits and even the credit for the European enlightenment and scientific and industrial revolution while blaming the Europeans for everything, obviously - and, like Engelsism, the current Slav v Slav slaughter Vlad v Vlad, rather like what "communism" did to them before, slaughtering each other on an industrial level. Note, curse "Marxism" not Communism. Marx didn't understand or present communism, communism is the opposite of totalitarianism, see John Wycliffe communism 500 years prior to Marx, before the USA existed, before "capitalism", Communism is an idea for an anti totalitarian self rule. Don't blame "the left" or "communism" blame Engels, bankster fake left right wing capitalist prototype controlled opposition maister and Marx prototype psuedoscience psuedointellectual inconsistent moral and academic fraud like Yuval, atheist Messiah complex, in this atheist rationalist scientific socialist inevitable Utopia idea that they culturally appropriated from German progressives, the idea, the ambition, of Karl, is that once you have pulled down your pathetic statues of Jesus now science has shown you the light and you have thrown away you caveman superstitions nd embraced rationality, you will, of course, erect status of Karl where there where statues of Jesus and in 2000 years you'd be worshipping from Das Capital, praise Marx for saving us from evil European racist fascist slavery and Catholic capitalism. Marx succeeded quite well, in many places Jesus statues were torn down and Marx statues erected, and Engels managed to get loads of Slavs killed. Rub review: the revolution would have happened exactly as Marx predicted if only he hadn't written that damned book. Rant over. Time for the real revolution.