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Object magic I have not come across before
Virtualstan Leejohn Conwayverse


Oct 31
Purchase two identical pens constructed with many parts.

On a Halloween night, you can perform the magic ritual of imbuing one of the pens with the ability to open your avatar's in-world inventory.

Place one pen to the left of a common piece of paper and the other to the right.

Use the pen on the right to write one word from this text on to the paper.

Replace one part from the pen on the left with that part on the pen on the right.

Write another word.

Replace another part.

Write another word.

Replace the ink reserve.

Write another word.

Replace another part of the pen.

Repeat writing and replacing until all pieces have replaced each other many times. All the while you have been using only the pen on the right, which, by this ritual, becomes causally imbued with the fates of local cosmos in a tiny but prominent way.

Sacrifice the pen on the left. No using it, no gifting it, no storing it safely. It must be destroyed or lost.

This ritual is a pledge that shows you recognize your world and its source of commodities and will work to uphold its structure better with more knowledge and direct access.

Moderators of Earth Simulator recognize the magic method and allow the causal-imbued pen to operate beyond improbability for a limited purpose: the ability to open your avatar's in-world inventory storage. You only know of this because this knowledge already manipulated your local reality beyond simple distribution of energy.

Successful spell would make the material pen disappear and open the interface of inventory with the pen inside. If it does not, you must destroy the written spell and try again, preferably with a different set of pens with more replaceable parts.

In the inventory you can store a replica of any objects you can build yourself. The pen and created objects are "full permissions", can be copied and replicated. But the agreement with the moderators that maintains peaceful use of outworld storage obliges you to restrain yourself and never replicate objects for profit or favours. You may lose the inventory items, or they may be stolen from you, and you can take new ones out instantly, but do not sell or gift the infinite objects that this shortcut in causality can provide.

Once you gain simulator powers, you must remember that other people already blending in society already have familiarity with those powers, and are pledged to uphold the system.

Do not replicate this spell in computer form!
Do not tell anyone out loud about this spell!
It must be seeded with causality ink when being shared as knowledge. Many people may see it, but few will do it, and rarely more than once.

Do pretend to forget the paper where you wrote this spell, even though it may be a fond memento of an event maybe in rare company and much superb magic.

This spell works on any multiuser world with comparable knowledge in symbols and words, that allow a similarly fine manipulation of local objects.

Enjoy Halloween!

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