Rob posted by Rob 08 Apr 2020  


Ursula von der leyen

Is CDU basically, Angela Merkel party, Europe is the German fifth reich, Heil Merkel... After not helping Italy or Spain (China did, CUBA DID!) Angela Merkel says covid 19 means we need more europe

Like whatever they were on before, coronavirus proves them right, coronavirus therefore 5g, coronavirus therefore racism, coronavirus proving why we need globalisation, coronavirus proving why we must GET RID of globalisation, like, whatever they were on before, Alex Jones, coronavirus therefore new world order, etc

Therefore... And so... Angela Merkel, coronavirus means we need more Europe, meaning, coronavirus therefore Germany should have more power by federation of its empire further, basically

And miss von der leyen agrees, obviously, she's a German CDU politician from Merkel party

Immigration crisis, Germany says everyone must bear the burden Germany invited equally or be punished, all must help house the people Angela invited

Coronavirus, sod you, you're on your own, ve haf very efficient testing in Germany and look down on your inefficiency, sod you, your on your own, but, we need more europe

President of the European Union
Ursula von der leyen