Rob posted by Rob 04 Sep 2016  


Boomtown was the badabadbimbamboomting this year
Last year's theme tune. Big up all Whistler's Green secret sunrise massive. Even smashed secret garden which was the party of the century. Nice pikey chill out at Smallworld to come down and blow off steam.

Felt perpetual frustration much grief and much anger in 2016 but looking back we blew up some raves and broke open some minds set some souls free and made some hearts hope.

All the revolutionation to the universe
A message from the earth
To the heavens above
Love shall kill that which is not love

... hey! I met the mc on this big bad a boom track boomtown banger! Wow! Love all Slamboree stuff right now. Hope it's not one of those temporary projects. Heard they didn't do a Slamboree show at boomtown 2016 from a disappointed someone who said "what's boomtown without slamboree"

How was boom in Portugal? Someone at Smallworld told me it was crap

All the psi trance pseudo spiritual pretend shaman got the shits I heard... sounds like the "healers" need healing (and some better music and someone who knows how to boil water on a fire. It's not hard)