rob posted by rob 15 Oct 2019  


social sciences

both nazism and fascism are social sciences applied to government, as well as marxism and neomarxism - the entire attempt is based in a fraud and the bad results that followed are at root caused by this pseudo intellectualism

"social" is not amenable to "science", a "scientific approach" to "social issues" will always be a lie, definitionally, and it has been, as we have seen, and the recent neofascism and resurgent popularity of nazism are a direct result as reactionary philosophies that are precisely a reaction to this type of moral and academic fraud

even more so than economics, "social sciences" IS NOT A SCIENCE - the entire field is an oxymoron, "social sciences" is a contradiction in terms, "social" is not amenable to "science" - the elevation of "social sciences" as the new arbiter of morality and virtue when it is clearly "social sciences" that caused the massive increase in racism sexism and discrimination based on sexual orientation in the last few years starting in the second Obama term and, "social sciences", caused Trump and the rise of neofascism worldwide

it evolved from a 19th century view that "science is true" and "philosophy is bunk" and "religion is false" - the attempt to apply scientific method to EVERYTHING even where it is inapplicable caused the very dangerous psuedo intellectualism of the 19th century that caused fascism marxism 2 world wars and all the problems of the 21st century

the "science is true" meme was broken in 1905 by the copenhagen interpretation of quantum mechanics and special relativity breaking physics, the foundational "science" and, if you are a physicist, like me, THE ONLY SCIENCE, actually

one of the offshoots is people think theories are true and stories are not