rob posted by rob 02 Sep 2019  


jimmy dore late on xr

jimmy dore real late to this party, not spotted the fix, "youth led" no, roger hallam first, thunberg next, then AOC, middle aged white man led- before two week shut down i was at the blocking oif bridges 2018 - UN multifaith meeting on parliament square nothing to do with solutions, only proposal global carbon tax, yellow vests, paris protesting against hwat london was protestinf for within onw week - thunberg direct repeat of severn suzuki 1992 speech - nearly identical, grass roots young girl tells adults, blah blahlies manipulation, 12 years to save the world - climate tipping point 2005, 12 years from 1992, james lovelocks its too late article 2006, same playbook, global taxation global law global government agenda - i will be there telling them we can solve this turning the deserts green, easier than building a hadron collider - pump shit down the oil wells and make humanities entire fossil fuel use carbon nuetralin one go - they dont want to know they will fight with me again - they dont want solutions they want insoluble problem to install global marxism- watermelon fake environmentalists green on the outside red on the inside, like pretend antiracism organisations that createracism for funding - total fake- citizens assemblies pioneered by me with james wassisnmae from new internationalist at panama papers protest 2016, street shut downs pioneered by me at European social forum 2004 london - these are all my tactics, i did all this by myself before it got systematised by "peace studies" departments - this is not real - turn the deserts green, come with me we can do it for free