rob posted by rob 29 Aug 2019  


top comment on this video is shocking

Musicians who play traditional Irish music are being arrested on the streets because traditional dance and folk music is labled as xenophobic toxic discourse signifying a supremacist ideology of coded racism intended to normalize native nationalism and incite hateful prejudice on the grounds of race, colour, nationality or ethnic or national origin, and religious belief. This political protocol has already been publicly endorsed by Fine Gael, Fianna Fáil, Sinn Féin, Labour, Solidarity-PBP, the Green Party and the Workers’ Party. Nobody can stand for election in Ireland without signing and publicly endorsing the protocol. The EU is controlled by dedicated Marxists who use Critical Theory, Post-Modernism and Political Correctness, as a system of mind-control designed to manipulate and distort morality in a way which defeats resistance to a collectivized borderless world run as a single administrative unit of global feudalism, populated by a reduced number of illiterate manual workers controlled by a One World Government - which is communism. If you speak to these musicians they will tell you that they need to be furtive about where and when they play because playing traditional Irish music is regarded as a rebellious or subversive act. Speak to them, they will tell you themselves.