rob posted by rob 28 Jun 2019  


obama - rub review

there was a worldwide push by the international peace movement that was nothing to do with anything mentioned here - manifesto, close guantanamo bay, remove american airforce bases from iraq, end "war on terror" and "regime change" geopolitical military objectives, it was a fantasy leaugue politics Peace Movement Manifesto - what point my rolling another illegal rave surrounding parliament blocking whitehall when i could do anything in my smallest way to help get this man elected, talking american myspace girls out of Hillary, singing songs for him in london - he went out on a regime change policy in Syria "there can be no peace in Syria until Assad is removed", the entire cause of the war, America supporting/creating ISIS to fight Syria while pretending to fight ISIS presented as the ultimate evil with complete fictions about white helmets moderate rebels gas attacks - Great! 8 years of Obama! Guantanamo Bay is still open but at least we have transgender toilets! campaigning for the rights of a cross dressing cabaret performer in LA who is probably the least oppressed person in the whole world exposed a whole sequence of fake victim pretend oppressed fake revolutionism state diseminated rebel not rebel democrat progamming - the fake left - evil hijacked the left to make bad look good - obama said all the right things but everything went wrong - donald trump says all the wrong things, but i think everythings gonna be alright