rob posted by rob 24 Jun 2019  


new christian convert, i expect more

we need Jesus, to survive, literally, at this point, not even joking - nihilism is so 19th century - nevertheless, looking at Jesus's teachings as a set of rules is not deep enough, you are not a Christian yet brother, many shall call his name on that day and he shall say "you never knew me" Jesus was a rule breaker, i did not come to kill the hippies i came to destroy the law - bloody Catholics got it all wrong - didn't computing forever used to be an atheist evangelist channel? let me check his back catalogue, this isn't christianity, this is political - you know the Catholics have been talking about changing The Lord's Prayer and changing EXACTLY the words you found inspiring? "lead us not into temptation" - to be changed, look it up, declared wrong, by the catholics - ooh, that bit was deep, "resist not evil" interesting interpretation, you know something i don't, i take it all back, thanks for the learning - i did exactly what you said, conflated an individual Christian with Catholicism, bloody protestants! "at some point i stopped believing in nothing" hahahaha! good lad! there is no such thing as nothing, because nothing doesn't exist, there is no such thing as darkness, darkness is only the absence of light - nihilism is so 19th century, not modern, not progressive, no sympathy for those without sympathy, booooooring, nihilism is dead