rob posted by rob 18 Aug 2016  


riot - al qaeda do it
hahahaha fuck all the anti capitalists as well!!! hahaha you dont know, that was in the peckham spike and that was a fully hardcore pagan irish anti capitalist crowd i had infront of me, black block, window smashers, police beaters, hhahahahaha, fuck all the anti capitalists as well, hahaha, i make myself laugh sometimes who was it who pissed me off? J.D. of course flipping munchkin, hahaha improved the set though, finally defeated venus operation infinite love on this one as well, haha, got her to say fuck love infront of everybody while she's trying to fuck up my riot, hahaha, funnier now than it was at the time - ooh is that kate tempest screaming? yup, say what you like, hahaha - miss dynamite sample i middle from feb 15th 2003 - if you dont know what that was, look it up, jesse jackson to the left of her, red ken, the mayor of london, to her right

0ooohh its got alex salmond the former head of the scottish nationalist party talking about the new world order on the end and DADDA PRAP giving it a junglist version of al qaeda do it on the end, mad ting again,