rob posted by rob 04 May 2019  


reply to a youtuber complaining of indoctrinated young people and brexit

take care how you express to the indoctrinated young or they will take you for a nazi, sovereignty, not "immigration", George Galloway and Tony Benn's brexit arguments not Farage, heaven forfend Tommy! Tell them to watch some Yanis Varoufakis videos on the EU for the marxist analysis.

Tell them "no anarchist could vote to remain in a european superstate, not if they want to shout smash the state the next day" smashing the british state on behalf of global financier dictatorship dressed as socialism is not anarchism.

they used to say, "school teaches you to learn by rote, we need to teach them to THINK"

You can call me an old conservative but, teaching them FACTS is significantly less sinister than teaching them HOW TO THINK.

You have to think about that one for a while. Do you want school to teach your kids FACTS or TEACH THEM HOW TO THINK? Facts really can't hurt them, teaching them how to think is indoctrination, actually, as you say

they know no facts, was interviewed outside a Leavers of London event by two young girls of colour who said they were BBC, after i said my piece to zero reaction i felt compelled to ask, "you have heard of Henry the 8th haven't you?", the reply was, "no", with a sort of, "Why shouldi you old weirdo?" look of discomfort about them. They are the BBC! Explains the telly!

Brexit the 1st was Henry the 8th but back then the european superstate was controlled by Rome rather than Brussels, germany joined us on that Brexit so they cant complain, the first german brexit was when the Huns smashed Rome, because they didnt want to have their sovereignty taken by a European superstate. 1000 years later they're still controlled by Rome because they're Catholic - so Martin Luther (using John Wycliffe's material) nailed his brexit protest to the door of wittenburg sparking the beginning of all protest all revolution all radicals (a protestant word) and the entire modern world and all science, democracy representative government, freedom of speech, freedom of thought, freedom of religion and the end of slavery all flowed from there.

As this globalist revolution expresses its power so forcefully it might stop Brexit we also see, the return of slavery, the end of freethought, the end of freedom of religious expression (believing Mohammed was a false prophet is now illegal in much of Europe) the end of freeom of speech etc.

Britain created it all and global neomarxists are determined to destroy it all and will hijack any issue, climate change, the battle of the sexes, race issues, etc. `to fool the people into backing global government, global law, global taxation.

All European and American revolutionary philosophyis reactionary, it is a reaction to the British Revolution (some say civil war) which was prior to, and the cause of, the french, american, russian, german and chinese revolutions and all the smaller ones too

all we need to do is break the 2 party oppositional system that has since been adopted by the entire world for that, i believe, is the systemic fault in representative democracy - their first loyalty is to their party rather than the people they represent, they represent their party, not the people