Rob posted by Rob 11 Apr 2019  



proletariat the industrial working class doing repetitive jobs that were not automated YET was a class guaranteed to decline, jobs not automated YET.

Now workerless factories have proven the surplus Labour equation wrong and left the idiots who believed the false prophet Marx the plagerist atheist messiah complex who didn't care about the proletariat we can all have a good laugh at his stupid prophecy of the proletariat being an ever increasing class dismiss his stupid 19th century reactionary counter revolutionary egotistical pseudo academia and get on with destroying the neo Marxist efforts to start a race war by making a racist "everyone against white people" fake revolution which is how they want to rejig their false oppression narrative having failed totally with their idiotic dictatorship of the proletariat efforts to turn the people against each other to protect the financier theives and oppressors who fund all such idiotic racist sexist pretend revolutionism counter revolutionary lies.

All European and American revolutionary thought is a reaction to the British political scientific agricultural feminist antislavery free thought revolutions.

They keep trying to appropriate our revolutionary philosophy and use it against us.

The French revolution was an effort to do it better than the British, as wax the Russian failed Marxist revolution and the fascist failed German revolution.

Unbelievable the fascist Marxists are still trying to push their lies.