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Fakebook is where you lie to your friends. Minds is where you tell the truth to complete strangers.

Cuba: Europeans imposing a dictatorship of europeans with a European ideology on an indigenous democracy, but its ok because theyre marxist and hate America - Cuba

- Marx was a fake revolutionary producing, still, all the fake revolutionaries we see today.

Workerless factories destroy the surplus Labour equation which was always obviously incorrect coming from a stupid man who left school with no maths or economics to speak of, still believed as gospel truth article of faith by idiots and fake revolutionaries 19th century revolutionary philosophy has been killing the revolution, the planet and lots of people for over 100 years.

The revolution started in England with Watt Tyler and Wycliffe, it is not over yet.

My blah, blah, blah is... former revolutionary in hiding again street level frontline dangerous situations musician philosopher need to write need to write cant start..

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I was discussing Buddhism with a wise old anglo-saxon pagan and he said, "It always seemed like a craving for death to me" which totally was my first thought upon encountering this philosophy. Who would want to be free from desire? I thought, I got a lust for life.

"Muslims love death" many Muslims have told me, well Christians love life, I say, and the job is to create Heaven on Earth. It's very simple.

Now I do understand the mysticism of connecting with the infinite One, and the infinite void, and both as one for after all the void is literally nothing, there is no duality. I also understand, as an older man, the power of being free from desire.

I also understand, as a musician, the actual practical and spiritual utility and manifestation of mindlessness when completely involved in the music there is no "me", a martial artist also understands how "me" gets in the way and, making love, properly, is the caveman way of escaping self, available to all and the with no spiritual training, denied only to those who really cannot let their ego go - so, I can make practical sense of Buddhist esoteric but, as a Christian (protestant, which means infinitely modifiable Christianity) I choose to believe the basic Rudolf Steiner identity problem solution.

I have three bodies, physical, etheric and astral - this is my identity system in this incarnation - physical like a rock has, etheric like a plant has, and all life, etheric body is basically life, and astral, which every conscious being has which I am like, say, a dog, in a way neither a rock nor a plant is.

A dog has an astral body, an etheric body and a physical body - like me It's an animal vegetable mineral distinction, astral, etheric, physical

those are the words for it, you can call the Astral body your "soul" if you like, that's why I asked if you believed you had a soul.

Seems a silly question, I'm sure you know you do but I think, why the confusion? I am, most essentially my soul, I know this, I believe, on top of this, the more superstitious elements such as the Astral not being 100% connected to the physical body the way the etheric body is.

Yes? I won't take DMT, I am saving it till I die, I wonder if this is WHY you ask these questions. Have you been beyond death already? Are you now surprised at your own existence?

Fantastic! Everybody should be surprised at their own existence, it is fantastically improbable and, I dare say, quite possible impossible!

But you definitely exist Satori, most surely I assure YOU, most uniquely and particularly you, none other like you in the entire rest of the universe. The rest of the Universe is not you?

I am not you, that is definitely true - therefore, the rest of the Universe is not you.

REMEMBER when you DO have infinite cosmic shamanic experiences and you ARE the Universe, it is your ASTRAL self being that, YOUR SOUL

MANIFESTO POINTS, 1, turn the deserts green. 2. Pump sewage (shit) down the emptying oil wells instead of seawater putting as much complex organic carbon compounds under the ground as we're taking out and make humanities entire fossil fuel use 100% carbon neutral in one go. 3. Remind Donald Trump of the simple capitalist principle that WAR IS NOT PROFITABLE and that anyone telling him otherwise is a swamp thing who needs to be drained "YOU'RE FIRED" and that he is Commander in Chief of the U.S. Army. 4. Fake victims and pretend oppressed hurt real victims and the genuinely oppressed and we are murderously bored of coping with this lie, repeatedly, daily, psychotically unimpressed with it we are, let the liars know. 5. Opposing racism and sexism involves opposing racism against white people and sexism against men which are currently, clearly, the most prevalent and obvious forms if these two evils. 6. The debate about whether government should look after the people, not settled, can be inverted to ask whether the revolutionary need be concerned about government or politics at all, that perhaps, in the first instance, the people are better off looking after themselves than being dependant on government, and in the second, the revolutionary may be able to save the world and create utopia while paying no attention to government at all while still giving unto Caesar what is due unto Caesar CURSED ARE A PEOPLE WHO KILL THEIR KING LONG LIVE DONALD TRUMP GOD BLESS AMERICA GOD SAVE THE QUEEN peace, love and revolution... Https://

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