rob posted by rob 19 Mar 2019  


so much wrong with this

the leader of the extinction rebellion roger hallam, in what i think is a generally very crap talk at 28 minutes
"no ice at the ice caps means the temperature at the icecaps is the same as the temperature at the equator", he says, going on to say that would make there be no wind because there would be no temperature difference.

nutter, he seems to think the poles are colder BECAUSE OF THE ICE instead of the ice being there BECAUSE IT IS COLDER and thus illustrates a very wonky sense of cause and effect, he seems to have no idea about the tilt of the earth and the angle of incidence of the sun, and he's been studying iy for 30 years, and noone in the audience brings it up

i mean, i dont want to be rude, but its a movement of idiots run by idiots who know nothing at all