Rob posted by Rob 15 Mar 2019  


The IRA offered support to the Spanish armada, Napoleon and Hitler. When the European empire was controlled by Rome they worked as hard as they could for the European superstate to stop Albion's independence, hence the troubles, now Albion wants independence again they're getting militant again except this time on behalf of the German empire (The EU) on behalf of a fascist technocrat superstate opposed to sovereignty whereas last time it was on behalf of paedophile priests, Catholic thought control and the Spanish inquisition. Only consistency is pro European superstate anti independence for Albion. They took the EU soup, took the euro and surrendered to Brussels (german) control so easily after pretending to be rebels after independence for so long. Wake up. Change. Or watch Europe destroy you. He wants to bring his children up to be Irish? Or European? And therefore they're getting militant again to oppose British rights to bring their children up British instead of German controlled, globalist run, fascist bootlickers. Wake up. Think about it.