Rob posted by Rob 03 Mar 2019  


Michael Cohen said: President #Trump is a "racist," a "conman" and a "cheat" - The #impeachment in on the way. #MAGA #meme #Cohen - Check comment section for more.
The trial was supposed to prove "Donald Trump is a Russian spy", it was obviously going to fail, so at the last minute they changed it to "Donald Trump is a racist" and got a disgruntled former employee and known liar to say so, as if that alone proved anything - the main point is WHAT HAS THAT GOT TO DO WITH RUSSIAN COLLUSION AND WHY IS ANYONE EVEN CONSIDERING THIS AS PART OF THE SAME TRIAL? Madness, two further points, 1. It is not illegal to be a racist, 2. Donald Trump is not a racist.

Utter bullshit supported only by bullshit artists, a travesty of justice

The politics of shouting "racist" at political opponents is what put trump in power, the racist black power movement and sexist feminists installed TRUMP and made "racist" a non insult and also created loads of racism and destroyed the Left wing worldwide
- those "calling out" racism were CREATING racism, those shouting "white privilege" all over the first black presidency put the comedy cracker cartoon capitalist caricature in power

- hippy manifestation, shout white privilege all day every day and what do you get? Exactly what you asked for. The boy who cried wolf got eaten by a wolf, those shouting racism at things that aren't racism will get a load of black and Jewish people killed if they keep going. You want racism? Keep shouting for it and you'll get it. Law of manifestation