Rob posted by Rob 22 Feb 2019  


Unbalanced law

In Britain an old lady beeped a driver who was taking too long at the petrol pump, the driver, a black man, called the police and accused her of a hate crime, the police showed up and arrested her.

In Brighton same time my friend had her guitar stolen by a black man who's name we knew and hostel where he was saying, during the call reporting the guy the police said we are closing the case because of a lack of evidence, case closed as it was opened, within the same half hour call, we had to get the guitar back via vigilante force.

Cannot be bothered to even look at a genuine crime, must turn up in force for social sciences racist new law and arrest old lady who committed no crime at all.

True stories.

How did this become the law? Who twisted into such an evil agenda? It's like they want everyone going fuck the police, inventing fake hate crimes and encouraging black criminality as far as they possibly can.

American marxist agenda made global.

The refusal to charge the "fuck white people" kidnap and torturers of a trump supporter with a racist hate crime shows the law is itself racist and was only ever intended to be applied to white people in a uniquely unbalanced way for any type of law since Muslims imposed special taxes on Jews and Christians 100s of years ago