Rob posted by Rob 21 Feb 2019  


The ridiculously dishonest attempts to be in an "oppressed" category

Pretending to be oppressed
By pretending to be queer
Because queers are a minority
And minorities are oppressed

Take a lie, add a lie to that, multiply it by another lie and put that to the power of another lie and you get a lie so stupid you cannot believe the person not only takes themselves seriously but expects to be taken seriously and get special treatment as a result

Also, the virtue she feels, she feels so virtuous for this, she has done nothing good, just talked obvious rubbish, yet she feels groundbreakingly virtuous about her nonsense, the moral fraud and delusion is frightening

Miley Cyrus, you are not oppressed, you are not special, you are not queer, you are not redefining anything, but you are insane

When so many people are desperate to be oppressed you know none of them are, lies lies lies