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21st century revolutionary philosophy and technique, chapter one

Oppositional revolutionary philosophy always reproduces the result it is set up to oppose.

Marxism, predicated against the oppression of the proletariat, oppressed the proletariat worse than feudalism never mind capitalism.

The American Black Power movement was predicated against fighting racism and became itself racist with nation of Islam being more racist than the kkk, Farrakhan more racist than Duke, and Paul Mooney far more racist than Jim Davidson

- a racist black power movement then rioted all over the last term of the first black president and wouldn't be quiet until they got a comedy cracker president and then they shut up, like they prefer that.

The comedy cracker cartoon character capitalist stereotype patriarch (trump) could not have won without the sexist feminists
- to repeat - feminism was predicated on fighting sexism and became sexist, oppositional revolutionary philosophy reproducing the results it pupports to oppose

- after the French Revolutionaries cut off the heads of the king and all his relatives, next the people cut off all the heads of the revolutionaries, who became bloodthirsty dictators, THEN they had NAPOLEON the ultimate dictator intent on world domination, Hitler the first.

Everybody "calling out" racism throughout this black presidency CREATED all the additional racism we now see, there wasn't much racism, a bunch of "anti-racist activists" went round "calling out racism", they were so enthusiastic about it they even "called out" things that weren't racism, and, lo and behold! There is now loads more racism!

They don't realise they are creating it they think they are fighting against it

All the hysterical "feminist rebels" hysterically denouncing white privilege absolutely ridiculously during the first black presidency, these people put trump in power

They still don't realise they did it.

They shouted "white privilege" during a black presidency and they got what they asked for - Donald Trump!

Oppositional revolutionary philosophy always reproduces what it opposes

21st century revolutionary philosophy and technique, chapter one